Kristi Cappelletti-Matthews – VSP Global, Chief HR Officer

Kristi is a proven and respected HR Leader with 30+ years of overall Human Resources experience, including 25+ years specializing in domestic, sales, executive and international compensation programs. Kristi has worked across multiple industries including Healthcare, Insurance and High Technology in both Software and the Semiconductor Industry.  Size of companies range from very small (50+ employees) to medium (250-15,000) to very large (100,000). Kristi has spent the last 14 years working for VSP in various roles.

In addition, Kristi has extensive experience providing professional coaching to managers on compensation management, organization and policy issues and in addition to compensation expertise, Kristi is highly skilled in benefit program design and analysis, HR Information System implementations, and HR policy development and implementation. Kristi has served as the Compensation Committee Staff Liaison for the VSP Board of Directors Compensation Committee for the past 6 years.

Kristi has a Masters Degree from San Jose State University in Sociology.  She has held high-level positions for the Sacramento Compensation and Benefit Association including President and Officer on the Board of Directors.  Most recently she served on the Human Resources UC Davis Advisory Board to advise on Corporate HR Policies and was a member of the Linkage Purposeful Leadership Client Advisory Board. She is currently a member of the San Francisco CHRO Governing Body. She also serves on the Board for the Sacramento Veterans Employer Resource Group (VERG) as the Tools & Resources Director.

Kristi received the 2021 Top CHRO Award from N2Growth, a global leadership consulting and executive search firm, in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business. Ranked #14 of 40 and #2 of 5 for the Insurance industry. Kristi is among a collection of forward-thinking, future-focused executives around the world who’ve shown a commitment to their craft by bettering people inside and outside their organizations. This was especially meaningful during a year where macro events like the lingering health and economic aspects of the pandemic hung over every people decision made.

Kristi also believes that fitness, exercise and overall wellness are crucial to maintaining a healthy quality of life. In her spare time, Kristi maintains her Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT).