SVERG Military veteran

Who We Serve

We support all employers and organizations in the Sacramento region that employ (or desire to employ) military veterans.

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How employers can support employees with military background.

What We Provide

We provide employers an opportunity to network, share and learn how to successfully recruit, hire, retain and support employees with military backgrounds.

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Our Community

We give back to our community by bringing together the veterans from local Sacramento employers to jointly support and contribute to a community service project.

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Stronger, Together

Many Sacramento organizations, public and private, employ military Veterans.  Many of these same organizations will host internal activities designed to recognize the contributions of their Veteran employees.  In some cases, companies will go so far as to create internal affinity groups specifically focused on supporting employees that are Veterans of military service.  These programs are often referred to as Veteran Employee Resource Groups (VERGs). 

Whether starting a new VERG or working to sustain an existing VERG, our local organizations are having varied success.  In order to help employers in the Sacramento region to be more successful at creating and sustaining VERGs, a group of local companies have come together to form a Regional Veteran Employer Resource Group.

Rather than directly supporting Veterans, this unique regional coalition indirectly benefits Veterans by supporting the Sacramento companies that employ Veterans.

Stronger together.