How does this group help Veterans?

By providing Sacramento regional businesses with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to build and maintain strong internal Veteran Employee Resource Groups (VERGs), we help ensure that the veterans working in our region have the best possible opportunity to succeed in our communities.

Why should my business get involved with your organization?

If you employ veterans in your workforce, or desire to employ veterans, you will have the opportunity to quickly learn from others how to best recruit, hire, retain and support employees with military backgrounds. Your efforts can help create a business culture of collaboration and camaraderie – leading to higher employee engagement and increased productivity and retention. Save time and money by avoiding recreating the wheel when it comes to building or improving your own VERG.

How is this organization different than other VERGs?

Rather than focusing on veteran employees working in our region, our organization supports employers. By helping the employers of veterans, we can have a positive impact on the veterans working in Sacramento.

Is there a cost to join this organization?

There is no cost to join our organization. All we ask is that our members freely share their knowledge and resources to help others. Our organization does have the ability to accept 501(c)(3) sponsor donations. For additional information, please contact

Do I have to be a veteran to be a part of your organization?

Our organization is open to anyone that desires to support veterans by participating in events, activities, volunteering or sponsorship.