Citrus Heights Veterans Community Center Makeover

The Citrus Heights Veteran Community Center was is in dire need of facility upgrades. VERG partnered with Bullard Construction to make a plan to provide donated labor and material improvements in the banquet hall to include new T-bar ceiling, paint, LED Lighting and some new wall panels. Additional funding helped to assist with finishing touches. The result is a dramatic facelift that has created a more welcoming environment for the many Veterans that are served meals and are provided other services.

Feedback we heard on the unveiling day in January, 2022 –

  • One veteran, with humble appreciation and a huge smile, “This is comfort”!
  • The building owner, Jeanne Rounsavell, said, “Last year was hard for me. I lost my husband and seeing how beautiful the center looks makes me so happy and my husband would have loved it too.”
  • Vince Robles, the center manager said he is so grateful to Bullard and VERG for what a difference they have made for the veterans that come to the center.

A big THANK YOU to Bullard Construction for jumping at the opportunity to make a difference to our veterans and donating all the construction materials and labor. Without their generosity, the veterans would not have a renewed, fresh place to share comradery and feel appreciated.

VERG Board & Bullard Construction

VERG Board, Bullard Construction, HPE, Citrus Heights Community Center

Cheers to our beloved veterans!

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