Military Families

As November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, I wanted to share a few words about how important support is for service members. In my experience as a veteran, we rely on our families to help us get through our military experiences. The following story from a military wife came across my desk. It reflects how much more there is to deal with lives as military families. Truly shows that family isn’t just blood.

“My spouse has been on active duty for 8 years. During those 8 years, I have learned the true meaning of “home is where the heart is.” I am privileged to say that pieces of my heart are scattered throughout the United States in the cities we have lived. Additionally, the family does not always have to be your flesh and blood. Sometimes, it can be your husband’s work command who came to watch your daughter at her Christmas Recital because he had to be gone on deployment. Sometimes it can be your neighbor who takes in your child last minute as you go into labor unexpectedly 3 weeks early. Your family and your home are exactly what you make it, there is love and there are good people everywhere that you go. I feel very fortunate to have learned this early in life as I now know the true value of paying it forward whenever I get the chance.” Marissa Wilson, Military Spouse

Military spouses play just as important roles in the lives of their soldiers. I feel that family is what makes the mission possible. They serve us so we can serve you.

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